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Silkscreen Course

Indicated by the Orange Highlighted Section on the Calendar 

Price: RM300 per person
Time: 6 hours total, 3-hours per session

Our silkscreen classes are open to all levels of expertise, including those who are completely new to silkscreen printing and those who are familiar but want to utilise our facilities. The full course (6 hours) will be divided into two 3-hour classes. During the course, students will get to learn the entire process from start to finish: preparing and exposing the screen to registering and printing the image. They will produce a minimum of (1) print on paper (Class 1) and (1) print onfabric/t-shirt/tote bag (Class 2). Any other unfinished projects can be printed during open studio hours.

All classes must be completed within a month from their the class. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any unfinished works left in the studio.

How to Book

Please choose the date(s) and time slot(s) (Afternoon or Night class) for your sessions that are highlighted in orange on the schedule of the month. We recommend splitting the course into 3 hours per class, although a full 6-hour session can be arranged. These are open class times and there is a chance you will be taking a class with another person (5 people max per class). We will notify you if the time slot is full and work with you to rearrange another class time. If you would like to book a private group class (also 5 people max per class), we will work with you to arrange a date.

Can’t make it to one of our time slots? / Want to book a private group class?
We can be flexible with the dates. You can choose another day during the week (during our Open Studio times indicated in green on the calendar) to take a class if you cannot make it to one of our designated dates. There will be an extra RM50 per person for class time changes and for those who want to book a private group class.
E-mail Julienne at raksasa@raksasaprint.com to book the dates for your class.
Purchase the class directly online here or pay in cash at the studio. Please note that card transactions are not available at the studio at this time.


Loose Syllabus

Class 1: Students will learn the process from start to finish and produce print(s) on paper
  • Learn how to prepare a stencil
  • Learn how to coat a screen
  • Learn how to expose and wash out a screen
  • Learn how to register your image to print on paper
  • Learn how to print your image using water-based inks
  • Learn how to clean and reclaim your screen
What to bring:
  • Apron or clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • A black and white image you wish to print, USB or soft copy
    • If you don’t have an image prepared, we will help you produce a stencil in class on the day
  • Paper pads (180g or above), art paper, cardstock, etc.
    • Some art paper and cardstock available to purchase (limited quantities)
    • Newsprint is free in the studio
Class 2: Students will learn how to print on fabric/t-shirts/totebags etc.
  • Students will prepare the screen to the best of their ability (with our assistance as well)
  • Learn how to prepare your fabric/t-shirt/or tote bag for printing on
  • Learn how to register your image onto your fabric
  • Students will print on their own with the remaining class time. Any unfinished projects can be finished during open studio hours.
What to bring:
  • Apron or clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Image you would like to print
  • Fabric, t-shirts, or tote bag you would like to print on.
Syllabus is subject to change based on what the student would like to work on, but should be referenced as a guide to what you can accomplish during the 6-hours.

Refresher Class

Price: RM180
Time: 3 hours total

Students who have knowledge or experience of silkscreen can opt to take our 3-hour Refresher course. This course is designed to reacquaint the students with the screen preparing and printing method and familiarise them with our studio facilities should they wish to use open studio. For further inquiries about whether our Refresher Class or Basic Silkscreen Course is suitable for you, please e-mail Julienne directly at raksasa@raksasaprint.com