Request a Quote

In order for us to accurately quote your project, please make sure you include all these details when submitting your inquiry to us! We do not quote projects without a sample image and quantity.

  1. Preview / jpg of your image:
  2. Dimensions of your image:
  3. What material will it be printed on?
    1. Will the materials be provided or does it need to be sourced by us?
  4. Quantity
  5. Timeline


If you have all the information above, feel free to email us at or use the contact form below:

Sending Files

Once you are ready to proceed with the project, it’s time to send us your file.

File types we accept:


All files must be 300dpi or above and scaled to the desired size. We do not recommend printing low quality files. Resizing low quality files will result in fuzzy outlines.

For single colour projects, a B&W or greyscale file is sufficient.


For projects with multiple colours, we prefer that the image is separated into layers:


If you cannot separate the image yourself, we offer this service free of charge for images with 3 colours or less. However, more complicated images will be charged an editing fee of RM30+ depending on the image.

Please always send us a full colour JPEG version as a reference.