Gula Melaka

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This hand-bound, hand-printed accordion book was inspired by a recent trip to Melaka. Featuring 7 full-colour pages that seamlessly blend together to form one continuous illustration, it depicts a scene from a half-fictional, half-real city that mixes the mundane with the surreal. Authentic-looking chicken rice stalls and paper lanterns form the backdrop for people wearing giant chicken costumes and tourists travelling in cat-shaped vehicles. There is a lot more to discover in this unique work of art.. friends of Raksasa may even recognise some familiar faces (and tails!). 

Printed as a limited edition of just 10 pieces, the book has been beautifully bound in fabric, and adorned with the depiction of a fish-shaped ingot - a reference to the region's tin mining history.

Illustrator, printer and bookbinder: Jane Stephanny