Gertrude Pillow

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Who needs a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and/or wife when you can snuggle up with Gertrude? She doesn't eat, drink, whine or fart. All she wants is to be held tight, and to be spanked every now and then.

Our Gertrudes have been hand-printed in our studio, using soil-friendly inks. The design is entirely our own, and you won't find Gertrude anywhere else. Her skin (shell) is made of 100% organic cotton, and her organs (stuffing) are a blend of recycled fabric and polyester fibre. Stiched, stuffed and assembled by Raksasa.

Gertrude is a big girl, and measures a whopping 80cm by 34cm.

Get yours now, and join the #spankgertrude movement!

(Please note: Raksasa Print Studio does not endorse or encourage spanking of actual living beings. Unlike human children, our pillows have been tested to be entirely spank-resistant).