Wish You Weren't Here

It’s a feeling that I'm all too familiar with. Absorbing the delightful scents and soothing sounds of nature, having my mind blown as I take in the most stupendous cultural sights, perhaps savouring exotic fares on an almost abandoned beach or in a charming little hidden village, my stress melting away as I contemplate the sweet joys of life... and then realising that something is, yet again, missing. These moments would be perfect, if only I had someone special to share them with.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck with you.
I wish you weren’t here.

‘Wish You Weren’t Here’ is an exciting new postcard show organised by Raksasa Print Studio in our brand new space at Findars in Jalan Panggong.

On View

September 24, 2016 - October 8, 2016 
12pm - 5pm (Closed Monday) 


4th Fl, 8 Jalan Panggong
City Centre, 50150 Kuala Lumpur


Exhibiting Artists

Arief Budiman

Eleonore Grace

Ichie Imran

Brindha Kumar

Eva Lee

Giovanni Marsela

Sarah Joan Mokhtar

Sherwan Rozan

Jane Stephanny

Julienne Mei Tan

Jolene Tew

Ruby Uzi