About Us


Raksasa Print Studio is an artist run silkscreen printing studio in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We aim to share our knowledge and love for the art form to anyone willing to learn, as well as provide affordable and accessible printmaking facilities and services to the local community. 

Silkscreening projects can range from the typical t-shirt print job to personalised unique pieces of art. We are happy to personally meet with you to discuss your silkscreen project!


Raksasa Team

Jane Stephanny

Co-founder / Director / Illustrator 

017 261 2118




Julienne Mei Tan

Co-founder / Director / Illustrator / Instructor

014 938 0402




Ichie Imran

Shop technician / Instructor 

016 845 5540




Jolene Tew

Illustrator / Contributor 




Pieter De Richter