RaksasalogoRaksasa Print Studio is an artist run silkscreen printing studio in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We aim to share our knowledge and love for the art form to anyone willing to learn, as well as provide affordable and accessible printmaking facilities and services to the local community! Silkscreening projects can range from the typical t-shirt print job to personalised unique pieces of art. We are happy to personally meet with you to discuss your silkscreen project. Read on to learn more!

Monthly Calendar


Raksasa Print will be closed in the month of June as our founders will be away doing a residency! Classes and commissions will resume in the month of July-August. Thank you for your understanding. Advance bookings are available. E-mail us at raksasa@raksasaprint.com for bookings and inquires.




Raksasa offers a comprehensive silkscreen course that covers registration methods and multilayered printing to image sizes up to A3 and on materials such as paper or fabric. Students who complete the class are eligible to use the same facilities during Open Studio to print their own projects! This class is open to all levels of expertise and is ideal for those who are serious about printmaking and wish to learn a new skill, apply silkscreen to their small business, or to enhance their artist portfolio. We only offer slots for 6 students per class day, so register now!

Classes held every Thursdays and Weekends unless otherwise stated in the Calendar. Registration required. 





Join Raksasa Print Studio @ Ilham Gallery for an Introduction to Silkscreen! Learn the process behind screen printing and experience customising your own unique product.

RM150 per person
1-tote bag included
Pre-made designs and silkscreen demo/lecture
Address: Menara Ilham, 8 Jln Binjai, Kuala Lumpur 50450

The first hour will be an explanation on the process of screen making. There will be a lecture and demo about coating and exposing, as well as the way stencils are made. The second hour will focus on printing. There will be 4 screens set up with different designs that can be patterned in unique ways! For this workshop, you can chose from our Peranakan tile-inspired designs. Participants get the whole hour to print to their heart’s content!

1-tote bag included per person. Feel free to bring ANY extra materials you wish to print on! Blank shirts, paper, tote-bags, etc!

Interested in joining this workshop? Please drop us an e-mail at raksasa@raksasaprint.com with your preferred session.



During our Open Studio Access times, users will have self-guided access to our silkscreen printing facilities. This is only available to those who have taken at least a Refresher Course or a Basic 6-Hour Course with us. Our staff will be on hand to help with any technical problems and to assist with racking your prints! Open Studio slots are highlighted in green on the calendar. 



Contact us!

Email raksasa@raksasaprint.com
Phone 017-261-2118 / 014-938-0402

Work Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 3pm
Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays